James (katsurian) wrote,

A Day in the Life

I don't know who started the Day in the Life posts but it sounded like fun and I thought I'd try one too. This is definitely NOT a typical day in my life, not even for a day off as I don't usually hit everything on the same day. Spread the errands out over the week and the loads are usually small enough to ride the bike or it's on the way home from work. :) Plus it's daily exercise and saving gas money at the same time!

You can always click on the picture for a larger image.

Banana bread, it makes a nice breakfast!

Especially while playing around online!

Then it's time to do the housework, running up and down the stairs many, many times!

Three loads of laundry today

and 7 dozen cookies made this morning. Some for the kids, some for a get together with friends on Friday, and some for me!

Running up and down the stairs wasn't enough exercise so I did some Wii Boxing

and Wii bowling. Still didn't tie my 300 perfect game but I hold a new record of 668 pins on the Power Strikes Training field!

Then it's off to do some errands. Here's Mt Hood on the way to the store.

Clackamas Fred Meyer is the store. I needed some mailing tape for to return some stuff to Amazon that was defective. The stuff wasn't marked Fragile or Handle with Care and the box was smashed and dented on my front porch so it's no wonder it didn't work right. :(

Here's the Gladstone Post Office

and the Gladstone Library. Return 2 and pick up 3, no wonder my TBR stack keeps growing!

A quick stop at the Grocery Outlet to see if they've got any bargains I can stock up on! Not today but it was on the way to

my Parents house where I dropped off a couple dozen cookies for the kids

and accompanied Mom on her daily walk while Dad worked in the yard.

Then it was off to the Sellwood Library to pick up a few items that the Clackamas County Library system doesn't have.

Passing Reed College on the way to

the Dental office. The Drill, The Drill, no, please, not The dreaded Drill. 'nough said there. I survived and have the marks to prove it!

Then it was off to the gas station to fill the truck tanks

at the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer where I get a whopping $.10 a gallon off. 22 gallons @ $4.04 = Ouch. But at least both tanks weren't empty, that would have been another 15 gallons.

Then a stop at WinCo on the way home for more groceries since it was on the way home. There's a reason why they tell you to never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach...somehow a dozen donuts found their way into my grocery cart.

Then an unusual stop at a brand new Subway in the area for dinner 'cause I was too lazy to make something tonight!

and finally, it's back Home!

Where I get the RoboMower started cutting the grass while I went in and logged the box of books from Amazon onto the computer! Yeehaw, the new Rogue Angel is here! I know what I'm doing tomorrow! lol

Now it's off to read a bit before going to bed. Gotta finish this one so I can read the latest Annja Creed edventure tomorrow!

License plates seen while out and about:
P TUNER (The sign in the back window said piano tuner)
KICKIN (as in - Still alive and?)

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