James (katsurian) wrote,

comic books are that muuch?

They're starting up a Rogue Angel comic book series but are comics really that expensive now?
128 pages for $14 seems just a tad, little bit much *dripping sarcasm off the tongue*
Anyone know if that is the usual price of comics, graphic novels, or whatever they call them nowadays?

I was browsing the book section at Freddies and came across Exodus by Steve White & Shirley Meier. Steve White writes the Starfire books with David Weber and Shirley Meier has written and cowritten several books in the Fifth Millenium series that I've read. This one's another book in the Starfire Universe! You can guess what made it onto my tbr stack! :D

Now I'm off to make lunch and then prop my foot up for the afternoon. It's so terribly horrible when they force you to just sit there and read! hahahahaha

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