James (katsurian) wrote,

Book finished: Monkeewrench

I just finished #1 Monkeewrench by P. J. Tracy. I rate it a 9.
People are dying for the new computer game by the software company Monkeewrench. Literally. With Serial Killer Detective in limited release, the real-life murders of a jogger and a young woman have already mimicked the first two scenarios in the game.
But Grace McBride and her eccentric Monkeewrench partners are caught in a vise. If they tell the Minneapolis police of the link between their game and the murders, they'll shine a spotlight on the past they thought they had erased - and the horror they thought they'd left behind. If they don't, eighteen more people will die...

I've currently finished all the books I've been reading!
I'll be starting #2Live Bait by P. J. Tracy. the first book was very good and leaves me wanting to read the next one as fast as I can! What more can you ask from a book, huh?
I also have #19 Amendment of Life by Catherine Aird & The Extremes by Christopher Priest lined up to start.
Tags: 2005, p. j. tracy

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