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July books

I picked up a small boook, Walk There!, by Portland Metro that gives 50 walking trails in and around the Portland/Vancouver area. From Power Walks to Lunchtime Strolls, there's a trail for everyone around their region of the city. Some have different starting and stopping points so if you arrived there by car, you get to walk it again - in reverse! :)

2 new authors and a long silent author with a new series make up half the books I read in July.
Craig Johnson has 3 books in his Walt Longmire series about a small town sheriff in Wyoming. An enjoyable series that I'll continue if I run across another one.
Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished
Kris Neri has 2 books in her Tracy Eaton series about a mystery writes who thinks she could be a detective. These were fine and funny though I probably won't read any more.
Revenge of the Gypsy Queen, Dem Bones' Revenge
Susan Dunlap starts a new series about stuntwoman Darcy Lott. Enjoyed her other 4 series close to a decade ago and this one's no different. Definitely looking for the next one to read.
A Single Eye

Science Fiction/Fantasy
Tanya Huff has 2 new books in her Valor series. Well, one actually but I just recently found out about them and haven't gotten to the newest one 'til this month. (My library books wouldn't renew so I read them first) A good book
The Heart of Valor
David Weber & Steve White - The Shiva Option I thought was going to be the last book in their Starfire Universe series but it seems Steve White has teamed up with Shirley Meier for a fifth one (that I don't have yet! *It's in the mail* :)
Two stand alone novels by David Weber were also very good. (even the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time around!)
The Apocalypse Troll, In Fury Born
Alex Archer - Gabriel's Horn is the latest Rogue Angel and another keeper!

Historical Fiction
Sally Gunning - Bound is the 2nd historical novel she's written about in the Cape Cod area leading up to the American Revolution. It's a very interesting book and I'm actually looking forward to another one!
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