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Book finished: Live Bait

I just finished #2 Live Bait by P. J. Tracy. I rate it a 9.
Minneapolis detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are bored. Ever since they solved their last big homicide, the Twin Cities have been in a murder-free dry spell. People no longer seem interested in killing one another. But when elderly Morey Gilbert is found dead in the plant nursery he runs with his wife, the crime drought ends - not with a trickle, but with a torrent. The detectives are no longer bored, and they're ready for some help...from Grace McBride and her offbeat crew at a little software company called Monkeewrench.

She, or rather they, since P. J. Tracy is a mother-daughter writing team, have a new hardcover book out called Dead Run but it's not part of the Monkeewrench series. I hope they don't stop at two!

I'll be starting #1 Death by Inferior Design by Leslie Caine tonight at work.
I still have #19 Amendment of Life by Catherine Aird & The Extremes by Christopher Priest by my chairs waiting for me to start.
Oh, and I picked Eragon by Christopher Paolini up from the library today but I won't start that one until after the two Christopher Priest books are read.
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