James (katsurian) wrote,

What was I thinkin'?

It's easy to tell yourself, "Don't worry about it." But it's a lot harder to actually keep something else on your mind. Work scheduled the foreman and operator (relief foreman) both off today which would put me in the #1 spot. It wouldn't bother me so much if I had an operator that would work with me as foreman like I work the operator spot to my foreman. But no one will step up to that spot and I end up trying to do two jobs at once. Just stresses me out. Then when I get to work today, the relief foreman's car is there. They called him in early to help out 3rd shift (whose foreman in on vacation) and someone on our crew called in sick. See? Worried for nothing!

Then at the end of the day, I'm in back changing over from hamburger buns to coneys. They start running and I went to double-check the slice. Um, band slicer is still down and the hinge slicer is up. Whoops! Have you ever seen your hot dog buns sliced all the way through? First time I've done that. Better be the last too.

Finally got all my library books read so I can start on my overflowing tbr stacks but they had 4 more ready for me to pick up and 2 more in transit. Hmmm, June's over. The Library's need of material checked out has been met so why am I not putting these books in my list folder to check out later after I've gotten my books read?

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