James (katsurian) wrote,

much random craziness

Leaving for work a half hour early this morning I'm thinking that if I knew traffic was this light I'd leave this early all the time. It's a holiday, dummy, most people don't have to work today. *head smack*
There's no laughing in the bakery. This is a place to work, especially on Labor Day, so wipe that smile off your face and get busy. Yeah, uh huh, right. :) LB and I were telling each other jokes half the day and he pulls out this blonde joke I hadn't heard.

Three blondes were out fishing when the game warden stops by and asks to see their fishing licenses. The first blonde tells him, "We don't need licenses."
The game warden replies, "If you're fishing, you have to have a license or you get fined."
The second blonde says, "We've cleaning the bottom of the river. We're using magnets to get all the tin cans off the bottom."
The warden makes them reel up their lines and sure enough, there are no hooks on the end of their lines, just magnets. "Okay, since you're not fishing, I can't write you tickets."
After he leaves, the third blonde says, "Man, that game warden sure is dumb. Doesn't he know there's steelhead down there?"
That's as good as the Thermos one! :D

License plate seen on the way home:
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.
What does the LC stand for: Luke?
What's Princess Leia's last name?
Who's Elsie?

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