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August Books

One new author this month out of sixteen books read and I'm trying to get caught up on my tbr stacks and stacks and stacks...

Vicki Pettersson The first 3 books in The Signs of the Zodiac series:
The Scent of Shadows, The Taste of Night, The Touch of Twilight
No vampires but superheroes and supervillains fighting over the city of Las Vegas. I enjoyed it and will read the next one if I see it.

Science fiction and Fantasy
Tanya Huff The 4th book in The Confederation series: Valor's Trial
Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr has gotten out of a lot of tight fixes but this one leaves the Corps thinking her and her Company are dead. Very good series.

David Weber The Excalbur Alternative
English soldiers are abducted from the stormy seas on their way to war with France and forced to fight low tech battles on other planets for their abductors. Pretty good book. This is an expanded story from a novella he wrote for David Drake's Foreign Legion anthology. I'm now looking for David Drake's Ranks of Bronze for the other story in this universe.

Rachel Caine The 7th book in The Weather Warden series: Gale Force
Joanna's vacation is interrupted by a call from a NY Times reporter trying to get a handle on The Weather Warden agency. Then David, the Djinn, asks her to marry him which sends half the Djinn up in arms when she says yes. Then an unnatural earthquake hits Florida and this time the Djinn can't help. What kind of power exists that the Djinn can't see? Very good book and there's still two more in the trilogy set of the whole series to look forward to!

Donna Andrews The 9th book in her Meg Langslow series: Cockatiels at Seven
Meg agrees to babysit the 2 year old of an old friend for a little while though she's trying to get her blacksmithing project done before the deadline of the crafts show. When day turns to night and her old friend still hasn't picked up her little boy, Meg begins her own investigation when the police brush off her missing persons call. Her Dad, newfound grandfather, and brother are also up to some sort of mischief. Another wonderfully wacky book in the series and the next one's due out the end of Oct.!

Leslie Caine The 6th book in her Domestic Bliss series: Poisoned by Gilt
Sullivan and Gilbert have been hired to "go green," design the best Earth-friendly home for Crestview, Colorado's competition. But one of the judge's, an old friend of Steve Sullivan's, is poisoned by some non-toxic gold paint. The police call it an accident but Steve's positive it isn't. Erin Gilbert isn't so sure but investigates anyway. Good book though the Sullivan and Gilbert "relationship" is being as drawn out way too long.

Mary Daheim The 19th book in her Emma Lord/Alpine series: The Alpine Scandal
Monday's mail brings in an obituary for one of Alpine's long lived citizens. So Emma and Vida rush to his house and discover him dead in the chicken coop. Murdered, and after the obituary had been mailed. With the sheriff laid up in the hospital, Emma's conducting her own investigation. Very good book.

Vicki Stiefel The 4th book in her Tally Whyte series: The Bone Man
A human skull is found inside a 800+ year old Anasazi pot. But viewing the forensic reconstruction Tally recognizes the features of an old friend. How does a new skull get into an ancient Indian pot? Definitely an interesting book though a little slower than usual.

John Sandford The 18th book in his Lucas Davenport "Prey" series: Phantom Prey
Davenport's wife, Weather, asks him to investigate, or at least talk to, an old friend whose college-age Goth daughter seems to have disappeared. When a second Goth is found murdered in Minneapolis, he takes the disappearance a lot more seriously. Another very good book and a 2nd book in his sequel series comes out at the end of this month!

Five YA's round out the 16 books for August though you might count Eoin Colfer as Fantasy. Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony Fourteen year old Irish criminal mastermind, discoverer of the Fairy Kingdom, now searches for the Lost Colony of Demons.
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