James (katsurian) wrote,

Out of sight, out of mind

It seems the Elk are invading Washington's city of Longview eating the expensive shrubs, tearing up the golf course, and leaving "new and smelly hazards" around the area. The story can be found here. Some people love seeing the elk in their backyards though the farmers are much less thrilled. Many of the elk are now limping from hoof rot which may make the meat unacceptable for consumption if they do decide to change the hunting laws in order to thin the herds in the area.
It seems from the comments that one fisherman is less than pleased over the furor of controlling the elk herd because they're "attacking corn and apples" but the seals can destroy the salmon population with abandon.

Is it because they can see the loss of fruits and vegetables (not to mention the smell!) that they wish to control the elk herds but since they can't see the salmon decimation or just how many seals now populate our coastline they're against controlling the seal population?

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