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Driving to and from work

When the sign reads "No lane changes for the next 1/2 mile" and you've got a double white line down the middle of the road; don't be surprised when you're pulled over for changing lanes in front of the police motorcycle that's right behind you! :D

License plate seen this morning: LUV MYZ

Flower shop changed their sign: A special bouquet, to give to someone today. Roses $6.95 bunch
Exactly how much is a bunch? And is that about half of a whole bunch? :D

As for work today, I showed the foreman exactly what that button does every time he presses it when he's up front and I'm in the back! It stops the gate from letting the buns go through. The longer you hold that button down, the more backed up your lanes get. That's the fastest I've seen him move in two months when I held that button down for two seconds! :D

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