James (katsurian) wrote,

new phone?

I can't believe I'm even thinking about getting a Blackberry!
Someone please talk me into or out of it! :D

Yes, it's a 2.0 camera as well as a phone.
My regular one is better but I don't usually carry it around with me.
And it looks like I might be able to post them right online. Was Flickr part of LJ or Yahoo? Yahoo, I think. What about Facebook? Don't know that one. As for MySpace, I haven't used that in absolute ages.
Yes, it's a PDA. I can take my spreadsheets & lists with me!
Yes, I could go online anywhere I can get a signal...for an extra $30 a month. I could go on LJ at work! But do I really need to go online or can it wait until I get home?
Yes, it has GPS capabilities for hiking and biking as well as vehicular travel...for an extra $9 a month. How often do I get into unfamiliar territory?
Might be able to use the Blackberry Maps system without the GPS...just use Mapquest, you're already online! :D
Yes, it has a media player that I might be able to use instead of the iPod...and run the battery down faster on the phone. Probably won't use much though I may keep a couple of my favorite Dido songs on there! lol
Hmmm, I can use it as a modem for my laptop when I go camping...I'd no longer have to sit in the clubhouse/lodge but could enjoy the peace and quiet of the campsite!

The unlimited Internet access is standard (an extra $30 a month) but the GPS ($9 a month) is optional. Decisions, decisions.

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