James (katsurian) wrote,

Goodreads and Math

Yes, I was being a bit goofy tonight but I can't do that math. Can you explain it to me?

I finally finished entering most of my library onto Goodreads.com (fyi: an online book site like iBookdb, LibraryThing, and WhatShouldIReadNext) and went to my profile and compared books with myself. This was the result:
You and yourself have 1997 books (or 99.85% of your library and 38.70% of his library) in common. Your tastes for those 1997 ratings are 100% similar.

If we're comparing the same library, how come there is such a discrepancy in percentages? At least our tastes are 100% or I might have to look more closely in the mirror to see if I'm really me! lol Oh, and I'm Misarian over there, not Katsurian!

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