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I spent the day over at Silver Falls, a 9 mile hiking trail of 10 waterfalls, 4 of which you can walk behind. I was also experimenting (i.e. playing around) with my camera, changing various settings to see what they do. I took 2 pictures of the North Falls from the same viewpoint with one setting changed on the camera and I'm wondering which picture looks better. Both of them are straight from the camera without any software editing and I haven't decided which one I like better.

North Falls 001

North Falls 002

Poll #1265965 Picture poll

Which picture do you think looks better?

North Falls 001
North Falls 002
They look the same to me!
Something else I'll tell you in a comment.

Why do you prefer that one?

I see pluses and minuses to both pictures and I'm curious to see if anyone else has the same reasons for either picture. Does that make sense or am I suffering from over-hiking, over-jacuzziing, and over-aroma-therapying? Yep, a brand new apple crisp scented candle! Absolutely mouth watering! lol Plus a not-so-great book but I guess you can't have everything. No hardcover books allowed near the jacuzzi!
I have to sort through and label or delete the 89 pictures I took before I can post them online. And my LJ Publishing Client has gone on the fritz. It uploads 1 file then says it encountered an error. When I try again, it uploads the same picture and complains about an error. I tried the other client and it's worse yet! IMO :) But I will try and post some of them tomorrow or Thursday. No school for the kids tomorrow and I think they'll be calling me to come play! "Uncle James, Uncle James, can you bring cookies!" Whoops, I better get up early - I already finished the last batch!

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