James (katsurian) wrote,

Book finished: Death By Inferior Design

I just finished #1 Death By Inferior Design by Leslie Caine. I rate it a 9.
It was a great opportunity, a beautiful day, and a perfect setting: home designer Erin Gilbert was headed to a lovely Crestview, Colorado neighborhood to engage in a friendly little design contest with her nearest and less-than-dearest competitor, the unspeakably handsome Steve Sullivan. Erin would do a room in one home. Across the street, Steve would do another. Between Gilbert and Sullivan, may the best eye win...
Neither designer could suspect that rearranging two spaces on a winter weekend would set of an uproar in the neighborhood - of quirky homeowners, passionate secrets, and marriages in need of extreme makeovers. Looking for a friend in this perilously unhinged environment, Erin wants to think that Steve might turn from competitor to ally....But somewhere between her faux wall finish and her custom window treatments, Erin is in for a shock: it seems that a killer has created this designing job just for her!

You've known you were adopted for a long time. You've promised your dying Mother that you would NOT look for your birth parents. You move to the city where your Mom went to college and just happened to have adopted you in that city! (See where this is leading? lol) You've opened your own interior decorating shop and have a contract to decorate a bedroom as a surprise Christmas present. When you get to the job site, you get a surprise. Your nastiest competitor, the one who stole your best client from you, is parked in the driveway of the house you are suppose to be working on. OH NO, not again. Nope, it's worse. He's there to decorate a den of the house just down the street while you're doing the bedroom here. A third neighbor has decided to hold a little impromptu contest. He will be the judge and whoever he thinks has done the best job will get to redecorate his whole house. Oh, and he just happens to be the owner and editor of a premiere decorating magazine and the contest will make a lovely feature story. A masculine den vs. a feminine bedroom with a male judge, who is most likely to win, even when he says he'll be impartial? And both designers have to use the same carpenter, the stepson of your client. And you have to be done by the end of the weekend.
As you're tearing down the paneling, you discover a hole in the wall. In the hole is some old love letters and taped to the back of the paneling is an old baby picture...of you! You recognize the picture because your Mom had the same one when you were growing up. Who are your parents? It has to be one of the three couples who placed your picture in the wall. But why? Then one of them ends up dead!
Who killed him? Was he your Father? Do you want to continue this job with a murderer running loose and someone knowing more about you than you know about yourself?

I'm currently reading The Extremes by Christopher Priest. However, I think I'll start #2 False Premises by Leslie Caine instead of finishing that book today.
Tags: 2005, leslie caine

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