James (katsurian) wrote,


Mom bought the Wii Winter Sports game and wanted me to come figure out how to play it and teach her. I wish I had figured out how the video worked on the phone because the first time she played it was hilarious. She's criticizing the skier on the tv when she's the one controlling the remotes. Downhill Alpine Skiing was lots of fun. Luge, Skeleton, Speed skating, Figure skating were boring. The first 3 all you had to do was start it and it would run itself and the last one wasn't much better - just match witch remote was on the screen when it hit the circle at the bottom. I didn't stay for all 49 games though. I wanted to stop at Comcast and see why my internet connection is so slow. They're coming out in the morning so hopefully I'll have that blazing fast broadband speed again soon! :)
Coincidently, the woman who helped me is a friend of my next door neighbor and asked if my house had the truck and camper. *It's a small world after all...*

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