James (katsurian) wrote,

Mail call

How many times have I said I'll never, ever let the mail pile up again? Uh huh, you guessed it. Not only a leaning pile up mail in my inbox but I've let the email inboxes go too. Sorted, gone through, and deleted and a cleared off desk to boot! Now if I can just keep it that way. lol

I also managed to finish off Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough this afternoon. The Greek Gods are alive and now using computers for their magical spells. Ravirn is a hacker extraordinaire and has a gift of spotting loopholes and bugs in any program he's given. It's not enough to make his family, the House of Fate, mad at him. Now he's taking on Hades and possibly even Zeus himself! Very good books if you're into the fantasy genre at all. I'm taking #3 into work with me tomorrow. It's gonna be a long day after that power outage on Monday. *crosses fingers that I'm home before bedtime*
Speaking of books, I'm got a pile to catalogue yet.

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