James (katsurian) wrote,

This can't be real

I turned the hot water on the kitchen faucet to find only a trickle of water coming from the tap. Huh? The water heater is only 5 years old, it can't have sprung a leak already. If it's flooded the basement...my books! NOOOO. Run downstairs to find the floor dry but my relief is shortlived when I find the deadbolted back door standing wide open and my as-yet-unpacked boxes of out-of-print children's books GONE. AAIIIIEEEEE. This can't be happening. Who do I call? The door looks fine. How'd they get the deadbolt open without a key. I put in new locks when I moved in and the only person besides me who has a key is my parents and they would not loan the key out to anyone. What are the police going to do? There's probably not much they can do besides look around and make a report. What an awful feeling. It felt much like the times I walked out of work to find my truck gone only worse 'cause I'd never be able to replace some of these books. I never did find out what was wrong with the hot water heater because I rolled over and woke up. I never should have gone back to bed this morning! I think this nightmare is telling me to get my rear in gear and build those bookshelves.

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