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pizza pizza

Last month I stopped at a new (for me) Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake Pizza Place and about broke a tooth on a large bit of plastic in the pizza. I'm not going to make a fuss about something when I couldn't prove it was in the pizza to begin with so I just made a note to myself not to go back to that particular shop. (My reasoning: when I worked the bakery retail side we had a customer bring back a loaf of bread with a complaint: she found a mouse inside her loaf of bread. There was no hole in the bag or on the outside of the loaf for the mouse to chew it's way in so it must have been baked in the dough, right? But strangely enough, though the bread was sliced the mouse wasn't. People think of the strangest things to try and get "free" stuff from companies.) Today I stopped and got myself another pizza at my usual store (yes, I've gotten very lazy about making my own dinner) and after baking it at home discovered that that large bit of plastic from the other place actually came from my pizza cutter. Oops. Guess I can go back to the other place after all! And it looks like I may need to replace my pizza cutter pretty soon. This one seems to be falling apart! lol

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