James (katsurian) wrote,

Computer problems

This morning I turned on the computer, did a few maintenance things, restarted and Windows wouldn't load...again. Only this time safe mode, Command Prompt, Restore, nothing worked. It's a video card problem - hardware or software and we're thinking software. I've got it operating on a single monitor and am backing up everything before continuing. I may end up restoring to factory settings and reinstalling everything if the two other things I can try don't work. :( Very time consuming and I'm hoping I don't have to do that. Meanwhile, I'm on the dinky little laptop. Good thing I got the network back up and running!

I got a call from the bakery this morning. It seems like orders are way down and they are going to be done early on friday and wanted to know if I wanted to take an extra day off or come in and get my time in. We've got snow, icy roads, and I'm only 5 hours shy of my time for the week anyway. Three day weekend!!! Yeah, the computer's taking up one of them. :(

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