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Talk about books

Instead of crossing off "Find Santa," I changed it to "Find Santa's killer."
Written on Meg's to-do list after the first murder in Six Geese A-Slaying by Donna Andrews. It's as funny as the rest of the series and I'll probably end up finishing it tonight.

Browsing a couple book websites while putting in a late Dec. Amazon order, Carol O'Connell has a new book coming out at the end of the month. It's not part of her Mallory series but a second stand alone novel and it sounds pretty good to me. In the northern California town of Coventry, two teenage brothers go into the woods one day, but only one comes back. No one knows what happened to the younger brother, Josh, until twenty years later, when the older brother, Oren, now an ex-investigator for the Army CID, returns to Coventry for the first time in many years. His first morning back, he hears a thump on the front porch. Lying in front of the door is a human jawbone, the teeth still intact. And it is not the first such object, his father tells him. Other remains have been left there as well. Josh is coming home . . . bone by bone.

A new White House Chef, Ophelia & Abby, and Home Repair is Homicide mysteries also this month and finally, maybe the last two books in Isobelle Carmody's Obernewton fantasy series! Yahoo!

I also updated my coming soon list with Alice Kimberly, Joanne Fluke, Dana Stabenow, Earlene Fowler, Carloyn Hart, & David Weber in the first three months of 2009! Yay, the latest editions of more favorite series. And a new Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes coming in May!!!...and a new Monkeewrench novel in Aug. Can you tell I'm a little excited over some of these series? lol

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