James (katsurian) wrote,

Running around

I haven't been able to get on LJ all afternoon. The page comes up about maintenance on Dec 22 from 10pm to 11pm. Um, guys, this is the 29th - why can't I get on LJ? I tried Avant, IE, and Opera to no avail. Well, it's working now.

On the 3rd day of vacation, I went out to...
the grocery store, last minute Christmas shopping that got delayed due to the severe 16 inches of snow that delayed our family's Christmas get together until Friday, the gas station (24 gallons of gas for $36! Wow, gas is down to $1.49 a gallon!!), but I didn't see the auto parts store until I'd passed it so no new wiper blades or the electronic Train Whistle to replace my horn until the next time I'm down that way.

And while browsing through one of my t-shirt catalogues, I ran across a shirt for Ashley

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