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I was worried about a power outage during the two weeks of snow that dumped close to 19 inches around here. It flickered once during the ice melting stage, just long enough so all the clocks need to be reset. Now we come to a rainy, blustery day like yesterday and I'm playing around online and watching Stargate: Atlantis when BOOM, the power goes out. I have 30 seconds to save all my programs before the UBS shuts the computer down and then I head for the flashlight. IT'S NOT THERE! :( I used it to find something I dropped and never put it back. Oops. Always put your Emergency Flashlight back where it belongs so YOU don't have to fumble around in the dark looking for anything that will shed a little light in your very dark universe. I no sooner laid my hands on a different light when the power comes back on. Where did I find my emergency flashlight? On my desk within arm's reach of where I was when the power went out! lol
Five minutes later, right after the computer boots back up and I find the spot on the DVD where I'd left off, the power dies again. Argh. At least I knew where the flashlight was this time! hahaha

Edit: I just looked out the window to find we have a light dusting of snow! on the ground.

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