James (katsurian) wrote,

The end of a series?

I'm about to start the newest Haunted Bookshop mystery and the back cover tells this story of a mailman inheriting a mansion inhabited by ghosts. So he hires a group of parapsycologists to exorcise all the spirits from the town of Quindicott - including Jack Shephard. Will this be the end of Alice Kimberly's series? I don't think so! ☺

I finished off both books by Lee Wallingford about an retired homicide cop turned law enforcement forestry ranger set locally on the central Oregon Coast.

I've also finished off Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson fantasy series (she can turn into a coyote) just in time for the Gladstone newsletter to mention that we've got coyotes roaming around the area!

And lastly, since my last post:
A bright sunshine yellow Mustang convertible with blue flames painted across the front and a license plate that reads YUMMM. Oh, yeah, I'm drooling! lol Very, very nice!

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