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Isn't it ironic...

With all the cleaning up I did today: office, living room, kitchen & garage; you'd think I could have remembered to clean out the front gutter. Now that I have my own waterfall right over the front door, I remember the gutter's plugged! Just like the roof don't leak when it don't rain!

I have 2 piles in the garage: one to goodwill and one to the dump. Before I go to the dump, I need to prune the shrubs in front. But it's supposed to rain for the next ten days. At least, maybe more, they only had a ten day forecast.

I stopped by the library and picked up the three books on hold for book of the month clubs. Now I just need to start multitasking again. I used to be able to read a book, watch TV and listen to the radio all at the same time. I can't do that anymore! I'll be happy if I can record some of my records to the computer while reading. I'll edit them into .mp3's later.
I's just that every ten minutes or so I'll have to stop reading to turn the record over.

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