October 26th, 2005

Spock Strange

Book finished: The Swallow Murders

I finished #5 "The Swallow Murders" by E. L. Larkin. I rate it a 9.
When Birdie Swallow invites her long-time friend Demary Jones to a visit, she's hoping for a big favor. Against her better judgment, Demary agrees to look into the twenty-two-year-old murder case that put Birdie's Gran into a psychiatric institution. To her surprise, Demary discovers that few people were even questioned in the unsolved double homicide. Although the Swallows claim the case solved, it looks like a case of an influential family wielding considerable power.
Some cracks in the family's facade are exposed and when Demary's conviction of a miscarriage of justice disturbs the Swallows' peaceful lives, another murder occurs. Can Demary solve this mystery and stop the danger that is everywhere?

The first four books in this series is out in paperback but the last two were only issued in hardback, as far as I can tell.

Transferred 7 records on computer this morning as .wav files. I still need to edit them out to individual songs & convert them to .mp3's so I can put them on CDs.
The brownies I made fell apart taking them out of the pan. Next time I won't use the convection just regular bake since the were well-done on top and not done in the middle. And no, the rack doesn't need adjusted, it's in the same place the last time when they turned out fine. Although come to think of it, it wasn't the mix I usually use and the batter was stiffer. Not just because of the walnuts either. I'm still looking for a scratch brownie mix. I need to make a couple batches of cookies too sometime this week. Banana creme chocolate chip cookies or Coconut creme chocolate chip cookies?
Spock Strange

Book finished: Die In Texas

I finished #6 "Die In Texas" by E. L. Larkin. I rate it a 10.
When Demary visits her childhood friend, Katy
Valentine, in New Mexico she expects to enjoy an old time barbecue, hear all the local gossip and just generally have a great time despite the ninety degree temperatures. She certainly doesn't expect to find herself witnessing a three-man fight that turns out to be a murder in progress. And what makes it worse, she discovers one of the three is a law man. In a strange town and without any backup she decides to stay away from the investigation, keep her mouth shut, and head for the cooler environs of home without delay. Concern for Katy's safety, however, keeps her in New Mexico and she soon finds that if she wants to keep them both alive she is going to have to track down a man on a killing spree.

Any book that has me staying up 2 hours past my bedtime has to be rated a 10! I was going to finish it tomorrow but just couldn't put the book down!