November 16th, 2005

Spock Strange

Book finished: Murder Under The Tree

I just finished the anthology Murder Under The Tree by Ann Crowleigh, Connie Feddersen, Louise Hendricksen, Toni L. P. Kelner, J. Dayne Lamb, & Pat Warren. I rate it a 5. Collapse )
Six brand new mysteries help mystery lovers celebrate the season with forensics, fingerprints, and fatal fa la la la las. Snuggle up to the Yule log with Ann Crowleigh, who sends her larceny & old lace Clively Sisters into a hall decked with holly and an unsolved murder from a Christmas past...Connie Feddersen, whose intrepid Amanda Hazard makes a holiday beauty appointment and ends up a hair's breath away from certain death...Louise Hendricksen, who sends Dr. Amy Prescott home to Lomitas Island to discover whether a woman has been wrongly charged with the murder her children say Santa committed...Toni L. P. Kelner, who gives her Laura Fleming the holiday blues and a bloody clue that comes gift-wrapped...J. Dayne Lamb, who decides that what amateur detective Teal Stewart really wants for Christmas is a new romance and a dead body decorated with bows...and Pat Warren, whose Kate Kennedy stumbles on a red-suited corpse and starts searching for the Scrooge who iced jolly old Saint Nick. So go easy on the sugar plums...the best treat of all is discovering whodunit!
Spock Strange

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I'm finishing up the last hours of my 2 days off before heading to bed for a little shut-eye before work. Mon. I ended up going to bed about 11 AM; so tired from staying up late the last 2 afternoons finishing the book I had started that morning. Two 4 hour sleeping periods in two days make for a very tired person! Woke up a little before 5 PM and went over to fix Mom's computer. Dad got a 512 MB memory because of how slow her computer was running; takes almost 3 minutes just to start up the machine, pulling up email was like pulling teeth (not that I know anything about pulling teeth - except that I sure don't want mine pulled!). Anywho - installed memory, did a virus scan, disk defrag, etc. Dad was having problems with the network printer on his computer so I got that fixed. Left there about 9, did some shopping, came home and finished Buried Deep, then started rearranging/cleaning the living room about 1:30 AM. Collapse ) Got done about 3PM so I've only been up 22 hours. It looks sharp. Thought about going to bed but since I said that I'd go over and see the kids after school and play games Tues. night with Mom & Dad I didn't. I grabbed Sequence & Sharp Shooters & headed over there. Played both games with Mom & the kids until they got picked up by their moms around 5, just after Dad got home. We had dinner & played games until about 9 PM; haven't done this since I started working weekends 6 years ago. We used to play games all Sun. afternoon/evening when I had a mon-fri job. Got home about 9:30 PM (only been up 28.5 hours) and thought about finishing Murder Under The Tree (did I mention starting that book during a few breaks I took while changing the living room?)
I didn't! But I either slept too long or got up too late because now I'm not tired and I need to get some sleep before work tonight. What, isn't 15 hours sleep in 80 hours enough? Not hardly, though it does just about work out to 4 hours a day which is what I got the last 2 days before this "weekend" of mine fiasco started so maybe I'm getting used to it! More time to read!!! lol

I'll be starting #8 Tool & Die by Sarah Graves tonight at work. Both Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince & #18 Little Knell are sitting by my chair waiting to start. Probably the Harry Potter since it's a library book.