January 20th, 2006

Spock Strange

book purchase

I bought 7 books today:
1. A new one from J. A. Jance, the first of a new series, I believe, entitled: Edge Of Evil featuring TV journalist Alison Reynolds.
2. The first book of a new author David Randall. The book is called Clovermead In The Shadow Of The Bear. He's planning at least two sequels. I found it in the SF/F section but it looks like a YA book so they may end up moving it like they did Tamora Pierce.
3. #19 Secret Star is the latest book in Terri Farley's Phantom Stallion series.
4. The latest Earl Emerson book Pyro.
5. Crewel World is the first book in Monica Ferris's needlepoint series.
6 & 7. The last two books turned out to be #16 Shackles and #17 Jackpot in Bill Pronzini's Nameless Detective series instead of the first two so they'll sit on the shelf until I've found the first 15 book! There's 29 books total in his series so I'll have plenty more on the TBR shelf once I find them all!