January 23rd, 2006

Spock Strange

too many books

I bought 13 books today. Way too many but they were in the bargain section of the used bookstore!
A 5 book series by Mary monica Pulver: Knight Fall, The Unforgiving Minutes, Ashes To Ashes, Original Sin, Show Stopper.
2 early books by Joanne Fluke: Video Kill, Dead Giveaway.
Quincannon by Bill Pronzini
4 books by Monica Ferris: #4 Unraveled Sleeve, #5 A Murderous Yarn, #7 Cutwork, #8 Crewel Yule
An ARC of Leslie Caine's Manor Of Death. The book isn't on the shelves unil next month! I'll read it before anyone can buy it!

I'm currently reading Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg and #4 Eagles Die Too by Meg O'Brien.