February 18th, 2006


Welcome, Chaos by Kate Wilhelm

I just finished Welcome, Chaos by Kate Wilhelm. I rate it a 9.
Who decides who lives forever?
Lyle Taney is a woman, a scholar and a loner; perfectly at home studying eagles in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Until a chance encounter throws her into the midst of humankind’s newest discovery - and oldest controversy: immortality - and who gets it.

This is a thought-provoking book dealing with immortality. Written in the early 1980's when the Cold War was still going on: if one side had an immortality drug would they start a nuclear war knowing they would survive; would the other side start the war hoping it was before the other side could use their serum?

Who would control the drug that would give you immortality?
What would you pay or do for such a drug?
How would you keep the planet from overpopulation if no one died? Where would you find food?
I found it a very interesting book.

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