March 1st, 2006

Spock Strange

Books read in Feb.

I read 25 books this month with a total of 7474 pages.
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Hmm, mostly mysteries this month and looking at my TBR shelf only shows a total of 8 SF/F books compared to the 18 mysteries in queue. Well, that's 26 books, I guess I have next month's books already picked out! Whoops, make that this month's!
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Spock Strange

Shock Point by April Henry

I just finished Shock Point by April Henry. I rate it a 9.
It was the rough hand over her mouth that convinced Cassie Streng that what was happening was real. Without warning, Cassie is thrown in the back of a van and shipped off to Peaceful Cove, a boot camp in Mexico for troubled teens. Her stepfather, Rick, has convinced Cassie's mom that Cassie needs help and that Peaceful Cove is a wonderful place.
But Cassie knows that the real reason why Rick wants to get rid of her. Rick, a child psychiatrist, has been prescribing Socom, an experimental drug, to his teen patients. She knows Rick will make a lot of money if Socom is approved by the FDA. And she's unearthed the fact that three of Rick's patients have died after taking it.
Now Cassie has discovered the truth about Peaceful Cove, too: it's really a brutal prison, where the only way out is to make it to graduation. But by then, many more kids could die. How can Cassie escape and tell the world what she knows? And even if she does, will anyone believe her?

I found this to be an intense YA thriller, a very hard book to put down.