March 4th, 2006


Death Takes A Honeymoon by Deborah Donnelly

I've finished #4 Death Takes A Honeymoon by Deborah Donnelly. I rate it a 7.
Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid can feel the heat when she reunites with an old flame in the wealthy resort community of Sun Valley - but handsome smoke jumper Jack Packard is about to marry Carnegie's former best friend, now a famous TV actress. With a star-studded ceremony to pull off, a noncomittal boyfriend back in Seattle, and a supercilious Frenchman barking orders, Carnegie has no time for carnal urges. Especially once murder joins the party.
The victim was a local hero who leapt from planes to fight fire. But was his impropmptu skydive a smoke screen for something sinister? With her florist going AWOL, her bride going ballistically Hollywood, and her curiousity running wild, Carnegie may be in over her head: Someone in Sun Valley is a killer - and it's up to Carnegie to grill the guests and unmask the villain...or watch her glitzy job go up in flames.

About all I can say is that it was not an ending that I expected...and that I'm glad I've got the next book which I'm going to start now, hoping that it doesn't have quite so dramatic an ending because it came out last month so the next one is not even written yet.

I'm currently reading The Two Minute Rule by Robert Crais and starting You May Now Kill the Bride, the last book so far by Deborah Donnelly.

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