March 8th, 2006


But Why Shoot the Magistrate? by Patricia Sprinkle

I just finished But Why Shoot the Magistrate? by Patricia Sprinkle. It's the 2nd book in her MacLaren Yarbrough series. I rate this 309 page mystery a7.
When a popular youth pastor is accused of a grisly crime, MacLaren Yarbrough won't rest until she finds the truth. Her gut instinct tells her Luke Blessed is innocent. Still, how could the dream he had on the night a young woman was murdered depict the crime with such chilling accuracy?
As MacLaren tracks down clues from all corners of Hopewell, Georgia, four likely suspects emerge. but the police aren't buying her theories. Even her husband, local magistrate Joe Riddley, resists her amateur sleuthing. This case, he feels, is too dangerous.
Just how dangerous, both of them are about to discover. The assailantstrikes again, leaving Joe comatose from a gunshot wound to the head. And suddenly, a new question stares MacLaren in the face. It's the most perplexing question of all - and the most personal: Why shoot the magistrate?
Spock Strange

The Library strikes again!

I stopped at the Library today to pick up the 2 books for March's Book of the Month for bookwyrmmes. They had a long line in front of the check out counter so I thought I'd just browse around until the line shortened. Instead of the 3 books and 1 DVD I was suppose to pick up I walked out with 10 books and 1 DVD. I'm on the third book of an 8 books series and the last book in a trilogy so where, exactly, am I suppose to find the time to read an extra 7 books? Plus, if the Lois McMaster Bujold books are as good as everyone says there would be another 14 books.
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