July 10th, 2006

Spock Strange


Another person quit at work so it looks like I'm working 6 days this week...again. Somebody told me I should just be thankful that I have a job which may be true but doesn't help any when you seem to live there instead of being able to spend time with your family and friends.
I don't think I'll make the bike ride this week, not down to the wildlife refuge anyway. Definitely to the Library though! Possibly down to the river on Thurs.
My one day off is packed solid and I get an email from Amazon today: "your order has shipped." Hopefully, I'll get some time off to enjoy them.
"What's coming?" you ask.
"There's the new Kathy Reichs & Phillip Margolin hardcovers; Phillip R. Craig, Marcia Muller, & G. M. Ford mysteries; the latest from Terri Farley & Gordon Korman; and Northern Storm by Juliet McKenna."

I'm currently reading An Eye for Gold at work & Doppelgangers at home. I'm not quite halfway through it and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's hard to put down and there's so many possible ways for this story to go (quick summary) even if I knew which of the two I wanted left alive at the end. There's the thing, one possibility would be someway combining the two, hey we're dealing with witchcraft here - isn't anything possible? Neither of the two are portrayed as a villain, both are likeable characters and I'll hate to see either of them kill the other. So far, anyway, we'll see how the book progresses.