July 23rd, 2006


books and music

I stopped in the bookstore to pick up a book (imagine that!) that I heard was released early and just happened to find that Jane Lindskold has a new Firekeeper novel out. This is the 5th book in the series while I'm currently reading the 3rd. I made the mistake of pulling it off the shelf. Yep, I found out what happens in the fourth book. This is the reason I don't read the reviews, especially from Amazon, or back covers of books that I know I'll be reading.
No, the book I was looking for was not released early in my area :( *sob*
Another reason to not pick books off the shelf...you walk out with too many of them! And they're not ones I went in to look for or authors that I've previously read.

At work last night I went off on a real song lyric tangent and somehow ended up with this partial song stuck in my head (go figure!:). I can't remember enough of it and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. Does anyone know something about "they call the wind Mariah?"
Ha, online lookup, duh! It's the Kingston Trio:
Collapse )
Tom Dooley, M.T.A., Blue-Eyed Gal, etc. That explains it. Good songs but a long time since I've heard them.