August 1st, 2006


I'm ba-ack!

We had a great time though I can no longer walk! Well, not very well anyway. I climbed to the top of Cape Kiwanda (a very large sand dune) with my nieces. I got halfway up and started sinking knee deep in the sand every step upward from that point on.
I've added many pictures in the Pacific City gallery from this trip.
We went over to the Drift Creek covered bridge and found a restored stagecoach, buckboard, and surrey in a barn over there. We didn't make it back to the waterfall 'cause Mom couldn't hike that far yet, she still has problems with her feet and it was getting late.
I got a one under par on the mini-golf course; taught the girls how to play bocce ball - we didn't keep score, just who won that round; swam, fed the bunnies, played a little table tennis and some games they brought.

July books read

I'm short 7 books this month toward my sort of goal of 300 books this year. The books averaged out about 45 pages longer than from previous months but I also averaged reading 40 pages less per day! Oops! First month under 200 pages per day.

July Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Sarah Andrews Mother Nature 342 7 Mystery
2 Sarah Andrews Only Flesh and Bones 321 7 Mystery
3 Sarah Andrews Bone Hunter 340 7 Mystery
4 Guy Gavriel Kay The Darkest Road 355 8 Fantasy
5 Walt & Leigh Richmond Siva! 172 7 Science Fiction
6 Marie Brennan Doppelganger 388 8 Fantasy
7 Sarah Andrews An Eye For Gold 358 8 Mystery
8 Naomi Novik Her Majesty's Dragon 356 9 Fantasy
9 Naomi Novik Throne of Jade 398 9 Fantasy
10 Naomi Novik Black Powder War 365 8 Fantasy
11 Sarah Andrews Fault Line 307 7 Mystery
12 Sarah Andrews Killer Dust 310 6 Mystery
13 Sarah Andrews Earth Colors 289 8 Mystery
14 Sarah Andrews Dead Dry 306 8 Mystery
15 Philip R. Craig Vineyard Prey 235 8 Mystery
16 Kathy Reichs Break No Bones 337 7 Mystery
17 David Weber On Basilisk Station 422 10 Science Fiction
18 David Weber The Honor of the Queen 422 10 Science Fiction