August 4th, 2006

Live long & prosper

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I just found out that the fourth book, Valor's Trial, by Tanya Huff went out to the publisher. I double-checked and #3 A Confederation of Valor is due out Dec. 5, 2006.
Amazon says that people who have bought this book (that's not due out until the end of the year) have also bought Hell's Gate by...*drumroll* David Weber! He's starting a new series that sounds rather intriguing: magic vs. science. Collapse )
It's due out in Oct. along with new books by Tamora Pierce, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Maria Snyder, Mike Shepherd, & Marie Brennan.

I got home from an 11 hour shift just in time to get a phone call from work saying I need to come in 2 hours early tonight to relieve day shift. So I guess we put in another 11 hour day.
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