August 11th, 2006

Spock Strange

Nothing going on

It's the 11th day of the month and I've got 11 books read this month! If I can keep this up I'll be well on my way back into reaching my goal of 300 books this year.

My bike is still in the shop. I stopped by on the way home and he said it's next in line to be worked on and that they'd give me a call when it's ready. I've only been waiting a month now and they said there was only one bike before me then. Grrr.

Work is still just Seven years to go! But it's way to soon to start counting down, I'll just drive myself crazy. Oh, wait, I'm already there. At least, that's what Mom says! Christmas, on the other hand, is only 136 days away! lol

I should probably start cleaning house...again but it'll only get dirty again. Why bother? Procrastination, thy name is James! Ha
The laundry's done, that's all I really needed to do anyway so I'm off to do whatever.