August 13th, 2006

Spock Strange

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The full moon might have been Wed. night but Fri. night going into work it was HUGE. It was no longer quite full but wow, a lightly orange swollen Moon climbing into the sky.
Last night, not so big and all because I'm an hour later so the moon is higher in the sky.

Coming home this morning half the streets are blocked off for a bicycle event. Too bad my bike is still in the shop but I was working anyway. I'm not sure what the event was but it wasn't a race. They had people kind of meandering along the course, some pulling their kids in trailers and of course, some racing along! I think it would have been fun. Oh well, I'll have to stop at the bike shop and see if they know what it was. Maybe next year I can go.

Work went pretty good last night. I had a good crew that's finally starting to figure out what needs done when and how to fix problems that come up. We were also on bulk all night but Fri. night ran pretty good too and that was 6 hours of packages. Yee-haw and by George, I think they've got it! *grin*

In the book I was reading yesterday, Philip Craig was saying how it was twenty years before his second book was published. When he got the first copy of his book, A Beautiful Place to Die, under the title it said, "A Martha's Vineyard Mystery Introducing Jeff Jackson." That was when he found out he was writing a series! A good series too, I just finished reading the seventeenth book last month. Now I'm off to finish Dead Watch by John Sandford. A new series by him and I'm a little disappointed in it. But I'm only 70 pages into it and I was dog-tired yesterday'll be better today!

Edit: It was the Providence Bridge Pedal; from the Broadway bridge to the Ross island and all those in between.
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Spock Strange

It was better

Dead Watch was better and if I had just read another 10 pages yesterday I would have got to one of those "good" parts! Still didn't like it as well as the Davenport or Kidd books but that's because this series has more politics and conspiracy theories...and I don't need to go there!
Anyway, I'll post in tbr_stack tomorrow. There's a pillow calling my name and I need to go hear what it wants. It talks very softly so you need to get real close to hear it. It also helps if you close your eyes. :)
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