August 23rd, 2006


Books and what I'm looking forward to!

Okay, that's a disappointment. I was looking forward to a new Valor novel by Tanya Huff in Dec. Well, I just found out that A Confederation of Valor is an omnibus edition of the first two books. The third book, Valor's Trial will be released around Sept. 2007. Hopefully!

The Assassin King by Elizabeth Haydon is now supposed to be Jan 2007. This is, what?, the fourth or fifth change of date but this one's been moved up instead of back. I've had it on preorder for over a year now.

Sept. seems to be a mystery month.
Rachel Caine's fifth Weather Warden, Firestorm, being the exception.
Vicki Stiefel has her third Tally Whyte book, The Grief Shop
Her husband, William G. Tapply, has his 24th Brady Coyne, Out Cold, coming out on the 18th.
Claudia Bishop starts a new series with The Case of the Roasted Onion
Parnell Hall has his seventh Puzzle Lady, Stalking The Puzzle Lady
Nero Blanc's twelfth crossworder mystery, Death on the Diagonal has been out since June but I missed seeing it. :(

Oct. is a big month for sci-fi/fantasy books.
Maria Snyder's second book, Magic Study
Marie Brennan's second book, Warrior & Witch
Kristine Kathryn Rusch's fifth Retrieval Artist book, Paloma
Tamora Pierce's first Bekka Cooper (was Provost Dog), Terrier
David Weber's first Multiverse (with Linda Evans), Hell's Gate
Mike Shepherd's (Mike Moscoe) fourth Kris Longknife, Kris Longknife, Resolute
I'm not sure which one to read first. Fortunately, the last two come out at the last of the month instead of the first so I only have four to choose from but, oh, what a choice!

Nov. & Dec. is rather small.
Katherine Hall Page's sixteenth Faith Fairchild, The Body in the Ivy
Charlaine Harris's second Harper Connelly, Grave Surprise
James A. Hetley's second?, Dragon's Teeth
Carol O'Connell's ninth Kathy Mallory, Find Me, is the only one I have listed for Dec. and it's right after Christmas.