September 13th, 2006


Day 3

Walking through Lincoln City the other day, I'm seeing signs with a wave on them with a little arrow pointing East, towards the hills. The sign says: Tsunami Evacuation.
Here's your sign!!

Managed the 3.5 mile hike down the beach to the river. About 1.5 miles down the beach I realize that there is someone a quarter mile back following me. Yes, that's sounds a little paranoid; they're just hiking the same direction I am. After all, there's only two directions they could go. Looking around as I'm walking down the beach, this person is still back there almost to the end of the beach. when I get down to the river, take some pictures, and look back in the direction I came from, there's no one there. If I was that close to the end of the beach, I'd go clear to the end just so I could say I did! Here's where it gets a little spooky. Heading back and yes, that would be another 3.5 miles, i get to where the bird sanctuary starts (about a mile from the end of the beach), look back, and there's that person behind me. They weren't on the beach or I would have passed them so where'd they come from? Getting to the first house - and beach access from the road - I look back again and they're gone. There wasn't any way off the beach.

Learned to play Chickenfoot last night. It's a type of dominoes game. I hadn't expected to stay up at the clubhouse that long and had quite an interesting time walking back to the camper in the dark without a flashlight.

A very nice view of the Milky Way and so many more stars than you can see with all city lights. Absolutely spectacular.
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