October 28th, 2006

Spock Strange

in the mail

I finally received my books in the mail! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting ever since I received the email saying that they were on their way. Checking the Tracking packages every day from the bookstore website! Three books, #4 Kris Longknife: Resolute by Mike Shepherd; #1 Hell's Gate by David Weber and Linda Evans; and #1 Terrier by Tamora Pierce, in two packages. So imagine my surprise when I open the door and find three packages - two single book packages and 1 multi-book box. Four books? The only other book I have on order right now is from Aug 2005, which is completely other long story!
So what did I get? I open the box first and there's the Weber/Evans and Shepherd books. Yes, that's right. The first package contained the Pierce book. Yes, that's good but lets keep the surprise of the unknown book 'tl last why don't you? The last package contained...another copy of the Pierce book!
The Pierce and Shepherd books are the two I've been waiting so desperately to get my hands on and now that they're here I've got 2 inter-library loan books out with a third on its way and they can't be renewed! (or renewed with difficulty, I'm not actually sure which) so I Have to read those first. Did I mention the inter-library loans are books 3, 6, and 9 in the series so I have to read 9 books before I can get to the new ones? :) Talk about an incentive to read - guess what I'm doing on my two days off? LOL
Baking cookies.
Oh yeah, that too.