November 5th, 2006

As easy as Pi

November's tbr stack

The last Mrs. Pollifax book is done.
There's 26 more Nameless Detective books in the series, 16 of which I have on the shelf; the other 10 are on my list at the Library waiting to be placed on hold.

For whodundidit, there's Barbara Seranella's Munch Mancini book. Whether it's No Human Involved, which sounds almost sci-fi-ish to me - at least until you read the back cover, or No Offense Intended I don't know yet. Though if it's the second one, I'll read the first one first anyway!

For g8ways, I have Kris Longknife: Resolute by Mike Shepherd (AKA Mike Monroe from Vancouver, Wa.) and Terrier by Tamora Pierce.

For bookwyrmmes, I have Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (fantastic book which I've read before and plan on reading again this month!) and Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

I have 2 books coming in the mail: The Body in the Ivy by Katherine Hall Page (#16 in the Faith Fairchild series) and G'day to Die by Maddy Hunter (#5 in the Passport to Peril series), which are both must reads as soon as I can get my hands on them! (I seem to say that about a lot of books, don't I? lol)

David Weber has another new series started, this one with Linda Evans and the first book is called Hell's Gate. It sounds very intriguing where technology and magic collide through parallel universes.

Fortunately, I have nothing else on my list of books coming out until after Christmas so I might just be able to get to some of the 40 Library books that I have checked out!
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The Earth moved...

As in Earthquake!
The news said it registered as 2.7 which I guess is rather small. I've heard that I've slept through larger ones but this one woke me up! (I've also heard that I snore but I've never heard me! lol) I thought a gust of wind had rattled the house until I looked outside. Calm as could be.
It was almost time to get up anyway though I have tonight off and could have slept in!