December 6th, 2006


that's not right

I finished the first book of a trilogy, Firebird, for bookwyrmmes and in looking up the author's website I find she rewrote the first two books in 1999 and 2000 before writing the concluding novel. Now I've finished off the first two books, Fusion Fire being the second, in the earlier editions! and in starting the third book, Crown of Fire she has a short synopsis of what went on in the preceding books.
I'm reading this and no, that's not exactly what happened - you've twisted it, that's not right either, and that's just another name change there. The whole thing is very different from her original novels. She's turned the whole series on it's ear and Firebird is no longer the heroine in the story, it's her husband. Bah. The story doesn't even need Lady Firebird to work anymore. Phooey.
You can't tell I'm disappointed , can you? lol I'm not sure I want to read the last book. I could tell approximately where she was going, the surprises just added to the suspense, and was really enjoying the series but this is just too much. She's turned it into a religious series with a prophecy that deals with a future king to rule the galaxy instead of just a hero that will defeat the bad guys.
Okay, enough of that. I'm taking myself out to the bookstore! :)
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