December 30th, 2006

Live long & prosper

Amazon strikes again

Yep, that's right. My books are here. For those of you who've been waiting like I have since Oct. 2005, the first release date, for The Assassin King by Elizabeth Haydon - your long, long wait is over! It came in today's mail! Of course, you're not here so I can read it first! Mwahahahaha ;D
Also in the box were:
1. #6 Bride and Doom by new Portland arrival Deborah Donnelly. She's moved down here from Seattle. I'll actually be reading this one first.
2. #9 Find Me by Carol O'Connell is the latest Kathy Mallory novel. Sweet!! I'm looking forward to it right after Deborah Donnelly's book.
This is where The Assassin King comes in at or after the next one!
3. New Year's Eve Murder by Leslie Meier is the latest Holiday series book out and just in time for tomorrow night.
4. Land of Mist and Snow by Debra Doyle and James MacDonald. I think this is a new type of book for them. It's an alternative history of the Civil War, should be interesting.
5. #1 Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. YA vampire series, 'nuff said? I've enjoyed her Weather Warden series and thought I'd give this a try.
Several other books but that's the highlights.

After spending time outside repairing cracked concrete so the water will no longer seep into my Library, I come in freezing cold and have a bowl of ice cream. "Humans are highly illogical." I can just hear Mr. Spock now!