January 2nd, 2007

Spock Strange

Randomness of the day

A radio program this morning had me looking up whether the ocean temperatures were really rising that fast. Nope, not much but they are rising and leading to dramatic climate changes. You can read an article here: solcomhouse.
I found this website, iceagenow, also fascinating and want to read the book its promoting.

I finished my first book of 2007! Find Me by Carol O'Connell is the ninth Kathy Mallory novel just released in hardcover. A good book until the end when it took a turn for the better! The last 50 pages had me on the edge of my seat with such an interesting conclusion that I'm wondering what's going to happen next.

Gas prices are through the roof. I paid what a year ago would have filled both tanks on my truck...and the car doesn't even fly. I want that flying car from the 1980's vision of the twenty-first century!

Picked up a 7.5 foot artificial Mountain Spruce Christmas tree for next year at 75% off and some Christmas presents for next year from Mom. She's starting her shopping early and storing them down in my basement. 357 days 'til Christmas! but who's counting? lol

I asked for someone to vote to break a three-way tie in bookwyrmmes. Three people voted, each for a different book, still leaving a three-way tie! ROTFL Yep, that worked well! Oh well, I've already read two of them and already have the third from the Library!