May 23rd, 2007

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Cyclist Log
Trip date: 0705.23
M308 Shopping trip of 4 miles ended up a whole lot more when Fred Meyer didn't have the shower door seal that I needed.
"We quit carrying things like that but there's a plumbing supply shop down the street."
So I passed a new used bookstore that must have just opened recently - figured I'd hit it on the way back since it was on the other side of the street - and the plumbing store doesn't carry them either. By this time I'm less than a mile from a home improvement store so I'm riding my bike down the highway being passed by 18 wheelers doing 50 MPH. Quite a ride.

Why is it the easy home fix-it jobs are always made tough by the humans that lived in the house before you? Rubber seal replacement = take out 4 screws, add new rubber, replace.
Oh no, not them. First, they stripped out one hole but instead of just getting a one size larger screw they drilled two new holes lower in the bottom of the shower door so the bracket goes on at an angle. Then, of course, they have to trim the rubber so they can get the door to close since one side is lower than the other. Fortunately, I have plenty of odd size screws & some plumbers putty so it wasn't too bad. Guess I should be glad they didn't superglue the rubber seal onto the bracket! That would have been a pain.

Now it's off to put dinner in the oven and sit on the deck reading while the robomower does it's job! Now if I could just find a Robohedge trimmer! :D
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