July 15th, 2007


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I lost 125 pounds in one day!!! Okay, 123 pounds of it is all hot air since the scale started out at -123 but it sounds a lot better than 2 pounds! :D And that's with 2 easy days at work in a row! Both days my pedometer read just over 7 miles. Tomorrow will be back over 10, it's gonna be another long 10+ hour day. :(

I've started If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. It's fiction, not mystery, and has me intrigued. The back cover says the story is about Elizabeth Egan, how keeping her business going and raising Luke, her 6 year old nephew, are two full time jobs and leave little room for fun. Until Ivan comes along. Ivan's everything Elizabeth is not - carefree, spontaneous, and always looking for adventure. What the back cover doesn't say is that Ivan is Luke's imaginary friend. Who, or rather what, exactly is Ivan?

I've been updating my Library book information: author websites, new books they've got coming out, new pseudonyms they write under, etc. and came up with several surprises. A second book by Jennifer Chiaverini in her Elm Creek series is being released this year was one such surprise. Another I'll be posting about in whodundidit and a third shocker was what I thought was the first book in one of the many series I enjoy is actually the second - the first now being long out of print. :(

And it sounds like my lawnmower is done mowing the lawn so I better go out and bring it in! :D
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