September 20th, 2007



We're alive!!! We're even home a day early!!! One of the people we met at the Canyons told us Yosemite was dry and the spectacular waterfalls were not so wonderful and we decided not head up there on our way home.
A week without Internet was almost agonizing. No LJ, no email, no looking up various things I want to know about - oh, no wifi - I can't get online. Argh! :) What did we do 30 years ago when we didn't even have cell phones? Now we get frustrated when we lose the cell signal in the mountains and canyons!
I kept a paper journal along with my many pictures which I'll upload and post from when I get things a bit sorted out. My container of sunscreen exploded in my bag somewhere on the way home and has created quite a mess. It was a new container - used twice - and now it's...
empty. :-(