November 3rd, 2007


You know you've been reading too much when...

The house lights shining through the fogbank hovering on the Willamette River and up into the West Hills look like a Faerie City in the clouds. I wished I'd had my camera with me to take a picture of that sight.
The flatbed truck doing 60 MPH down a city street with an old car chained to the back with the car's hazard lights on had me thinking it's a signal for help from the amateur sleuth who's been caught by the killer.
No way

End of DST

For those of us in the USA, Daylight Savings Time ends tonight so set your alarm for 2 am so you can get up and move your clocks back one hour. Don't turn off your alarm because at 2 am you have to get up and set your clocks back an hour. Repeat until April! Bwahahahaha.

I've already set mine back. It only took me three times to set my alarm clock back since I kept setting it back to the exact time on my watch. Arrgh!