January 18th, 2008

As easy as Pi

Another project done!

Today's project took a lot longer than I had planned. How hard can it be to put up a microwave over the stove? Find a stud, drill some holes for the back and top, cut a hole for the vent, connect the ducts, and plug it in. It turned out not to be quite that easy.
First you have to take the existing vent hood off. Turn off the power to the hood and the kitchen lights go off too. Then the screws are up past the fans higher than the screwdriver can reach. Stud finding was easy and drilling holes should have been too until they want a 5/8 bit for the molly screws. Nope, don't have one and off to the store we go. I ended up with a spade bit since they don't make anything over 1/2 to fit a 3/8 shank. :( Next was the jigsaw not being able to use the jigsaw a quarter inch from the wall to cut the vent hole. Twelve inches with a handsaw standing on a chair and leaning over the stove. Not fun even before I found the first nail. I was expecting the second one and it was indeed there! Then came the part that I was not looking forward to, dreading even. Climbing up into the roof to install the duct. I hate those small tight places without lots of elbow and standup room and this is that with lots of insulation to crawl through. But I survived and without putting my foot through the ceiling too! Close though, I missed the 2X4 I was feeling for and felt the sheetrock giving way. That wouldn't have been pretty.
So much for thinking I'd be done by noon and I just remembered I have to be to work 2 hours early tomorrow morning. :(
I thought it turned out very well.
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